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Why Does Sigma Still Make Cameras? Sigma CEO Blames ‘Zombie Father’



In a recent interview with LensVid at Photokina, Sigma’s CEO Kazuto Yamaki answered a question many have been asking for years: why does Sigma continue to make cameras when lenses are clearly their strong suit? The answer was … surprising.

Ultimately, Mr. Yamaki gave three reasons.

First, he says being a camera manufacturer gives them insights into how images are made from start to finish. This knowledge of the whole process feeds back and makes them a better lens manufacturer.

Second, making the whole system is a passion of Sigma’s engineers.

And, finally, the big one: It was the dream of Yamaki’s father—Sigma’s founder—to become a camera manufacturer. If they stopped making cameras, says Yamaki, “he would come back to me as a zombie and he may try to kill me.”

There you go. The real reason Sigma will continue making cameras despite little retail success… zombie dad. Check out the full interview above, and skip forward to the 5 minute mark to hear these three reasons for yourself.

Image credits: Photo illustration based on Zombie by Nikita.