Keegan is an Online A.I. Photo Coach Who Critiques Your Photos


Want to have your photos critiqued… by a computer? Keegan is a new online personal photo coach that can do that. Show Keegan one of your photos, and he’ll do his best to give you technical feedback to improve your photographic skills.

“I might be tough but no hard feelings!” the website says.

Keegan was created by Regaind, a French startup that’s working on automatic image analysis. The developers trained the system with the help of professional photographers, teaching it to recognize and describe strengths and weaknesses in photos.

The homepage invites you to drag-and-drop a photo in to a box to show Keegan (you can also click the box and select the file from your file system). Once you send Keegan a photo, he analyzes it and then offers you some criticism in full sentences. You’ll also receive a number score out of 10 — 5/10 is decent, 7/10 is very good, and 9/10 is exceptional.

To test Keegan, we showed it a photo of Obama and the Dalai Lama, captured by White House photographer Pete Souza. Keegan wasn’t very impressed, criticizing the lighting and the distracting background:


We also showed Keegan a photo captured by Ansel Adams. Keegan was much more impressed, praising the framing and the lighting:


A special Hall of Fame page on the Keegan website shows photos by registered members that have received the highest scores from Keegan. It seems that Keegan is particularly fond of nature shots:


If you’d like to see what Keegan thinks about your photography, head on over to the website and give it a shot.