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Why I Won’t Buy a New Camera


This is one of the more inspirational, down to Earth, GAS busting gear monologs we’ve seen. Originally published in 2015, this video by DSLRguide‘s Simon Cade explains exactly why he has no interest in upgrading his trusty Canon T3i to something more popular and powerful.

Cade is a filmmaker, but his advice is 100% applicable to photographers.

“Let’s imagine that I saved up, and bought a new camera,” says Cade. “What I’m telling myself is that technology is what’s holding me back most right now… *scoffs*”

If you’re looking at a better camera body, faster lens, sturdier tripod, better quality filters, etc, what you’re telling yourself is that gear is what’s holding you back most right now. So… you’ve mastered composition, have a deep understanding of light, are a post-processing guru, and have pushed your gear to its absolute limit. Each of your photos tells a captivating story, and the only thing that could make that story even more captivating is the better dynamic range, shallower depth of field, or better low light performance that comes with newer gear.

The scenario I’m describing is, if not impossible, then highly unlikely. And there’s an easy way to check. If you can find a single photographer out there who is taking better pictures (in your genre of choice) than you are while using similar or worse gear, you still have work to do. Period.

“Look, if I wanna call myself a ‘filmmaker’,” continues Cade, “I should probably prioritize making films over buying equipment.” By the same token, if you want to call yourself a photographer, you should probably prioritize taking pictures.

Cade’s words are inspirational, even more so because he’s kept his promise. Looking at his most recent videos on DSLRguide, he still shoots with the same T3i. Turns out he DID spend that A7s money on making a new film instead.