The Flash Bag is a Camera Bag with a Reflector Built Right In


Carrying a reflector around town with you is useful, it’s just not usually practical. That’s where the new Flash Bag comes in. This creatively designed camera bag comes with a reflector build right into the bag itself—just open it up.

Designed by Scott Tallenger for Betabrand—the same folks behind the Flashback anti-paparazzi clothing line—the Flash Bag is more about helping improve your photography than ruining someone else’s. The bag wants to be “your new photo assistant,” saving you some cash by providing a reflector on the go.

“I know how costly photography can be. Models are expensive enough—let alone assistants,” writes Scott about his design. “That’s why I designed the Flash Bag, a foil-print camera bag that lets you bounce light onto your subject and take photos at the same time!”






A good mix of stylish and useful, the bag isn’t actually going to replace your photo assistant. It will, however, make for better day to day snapshots while keeping your gear nice and dry at the same time.

It’s made from 100% water-resistant polyurethane coated nylon, features eight pockets, removable velcro dividers, and a built-in interior handle. Plus, if you don’t want to use it to improve your latte photography, there’s also these creative alternative uses Betabrand came up with:




The bag is currently in the prototype stage, and needs some crowdfunding help to reach production. The downside is that it may never come to fruition; the upside is you can get it for 20% off if you fund it now, just $78.40.

To find out more about the Flash Bag or help make it a reality, head over to the Betabrand website by clicking here.