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This Company Will Donate 11 Meals for Each Instagram Food Photo You Delete



If you’ve ever taken a photo of your food for Instagram, now’s your chance to delete that photo and do some tangible good for humanity all at the same time!

The Delete to Feed campaign by food company Land o’ Lakes is pretty well summed up by its tagline: let’s delete hunger one photo at a time. All you have to do to participate is go to the campaign’s website, connect your Instagram, and select a food photo to delete. Once deleted, Land o’ Lakes will donate 11 meals to the Feeding America organization.



There’s nobody actually checking what photo you decide to delete, so you can substitute a food photo for that one shot from last weekend that you never meant to post, or that godawful cartoony looking HDR photo from your earlier days in photography, but a food photo is more symbolically appropriate.

“1 in 6 kids in the US may not know where their next meal is coming from,” reads the campaign page. “You can make a difference. Turn your food posts into real meals and help spread the word.”

The campaign goes until mid-October or whenever Land o’ Lakes reaches 2.75 million meals donated. To learn more or delete one of your food photos for a good cause, click here.

(via CNET)