Pro Food Photographer Debunks Viral ‘Food Styling Hacks’

Those "food styling hacks" videos that go viral online every few months might not be entirely truthful—in fact, they're often entirely misleading. Which is why professional food photographer Scott Choucino put together this video reacting to/debunking some of the most common hacks he's seen online.

10 Sneaky Tricks Used in Food Photos

The foods you buy in the store and at restaurants are never as tasty as they look in advertising photos, but what many people might not know is that you probably wouldn't enjoy eating the foods seen in those pictures. The reason is because commercial food photographers use all kinds of non-edible products to cleverly make food look delicious in front of a lens. Here's a 9-minute video on 10 of those tricks.

Chili’s is the Latest Restaurant to Tweak Its Dishes to Look Better on Instagram

A restaurant and winery in Israel made headlines recently after designing special plates specifically for diners to shoot Instagram photos. It seems restaurants in the US are jumping into this trend as well.

While it's not going so far as to fashion new dishware, Chili's is making changes to its dishes in order to improve how they look in Instagram snapshots.

This Restaurant Made Special Plates for Smartphone Food Photos

If you can't help but snap a smartphone photo before eating a meal, there's a restaurant in Israel that has a new concept designed just for you. The Tel Aviv restaurant Catit and Carmel Winery have teamed up for a new project called Foodography. It's a new meal experience that features newly designed plates that help you shoot quality food photos with your smartphone.

These Food Photos Show Junk Food Arranged to Look Like Fine Dining

One of the hottest food photographers on Instagram in the past couple of months is an anonymous user who goes by the name Chef Jacques LaMerde. It's not the quality of the photos that's attracting attention, but rather the subject matter. Each of the shots shows cheap junk food arranged to look like the artistic plates found at high-end restaurants.

Restaurant Finds that Smartphone Photos Have Doubled Table Times Since 2004

Not exactly a reliable scientific study, a recent Craigslist rant by one "Busy NYC Restaurant" that describes itself as "a popular restaurant for both locals and tourists" has gotten a lot of press time for drawing attention to a troubling intersection of food service and photography.

Posted in the rants and raves section of the online classifieds site, the restaurant supposedly compared security footage from 2004 with that from 2014 and found that taking cell phone photos and other smartphone shenanigans have added nearly an hour to the average table time at the restaurant.

Random Things You Can Use to Make Food Photos More Appealing

There's a reason that most of the foods you buy never look like the photos used to advertise them. Food photographers and stylists have all kinds of random tricks up their sleeve for making food items look picture perfect. Here's a list of various household products that are commonly used to make dishes look more appealing. A warning, though: you might lose your appetite.