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Polaroid’s New Instant Camera Has a Touchscreen, is Also a Wireless Printer



Polaroid hasn’t given up on instant photography yet. Following up on the release of the Polaroid Snap last year, the Polaroid Snap Touch “instant digital” camera combines the features of both a digital and instant camera into a fun, affordable package.

Announced earlier today at Photokina, the Polaroid Touch still does everything the Polaroid Snap did: namely, it takes photos and spits out 2×3-inch “ZINK” Zero Ink prints in “just under a minute” for you to enjoy. But the Touch can do more than that thanks to the 3.5-inch touchscreen and built-in Bluetooth.

The touchscreen lets you preview your shots and change settings, while Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect to the camera’s dedicated iOS or Android app and print your smartphone photos, too. It’s an instant camera and instant printer, all in one.


Finally, Polaroid has also upped the resolution of the Snap Touch. The new camera now sports a 13MP CMOS sensor (compared to the Snap’s 10MP), and if you want to branch out from capturing instant photos, it can shoot 720p and 1080p video as well.

All of this will be stored on a microSD card up to 128GB in capacity.


The Polaroid Snap Touch is a bit pricier than its older brother, but the price hike is justified given the additional features. The Snap, which is still available to buy, will run you $100 while a pre-order of the new Snap Touch in White, Black, Purple, Red, Pink, or Blue (plus a 10-pack of ZINK paper) costs $180. Additional packs of paper will run you $10 for every 20-pack.

Click here to find out more or pre-order yours now.