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This Camera Store is Using Adorable Animals to Make Your G.A.S. Worse



A camera store in Utah is attempting to make their product advertisements as cute as they are informative with some help from their local Humane Society.

Pictureline, a Utah camera store that’s been in business since February of 1989, recently partnered up with the Humane Society of Utah and multi-media artist Lane Peters to do something different. Instead of featuring the latest in camera gear in your typical flashy advertisement, they paired each piece of gear with a cute animal—for scale and sheer cuteness.

The resulting ads feature puppies and bunnies shopping for camera bags, a hedgehog with a thing for instant photography, and one snake… which doesn’t really match the “cute” theme but we liked it anyway. Check them out below:

Whether or not the videos make you more likely to buy the gear or adopt the animal is up for debate, but we’re pretty sure Pictureline is fine with either outcome. Check out their website or head over to their Facebook to see more of these creative ads as they go live.