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Jerk Destroys People’s Selfie Sticks with a Branch Cutter in NYC


Selfie sticks get a lot of hate these days, but one person in NYC took things way too far.

YouTuber Buddy Bolton decided to grab a pair of branch cutters (AKA a lopper) and run around New York clipping tourists’ selfie sticks while they try to take a picture. But one person’s comedy is another person’s destruction of personal property, and the vast majority of people watching the video are disgusted at Bolton’s antics.

At just over 12,500 views, the video has over 2,200 dislikes and just 276 likes.


One commenter on YouTube seems to believe the whole stunt is faked—an attempt at a viral video using actors and empty cases instead of actual smartphones. For Bolton’s case we hope that’s true. If not, this little stunt amounts to criminal destruction of property.

(via Buddy Bolton via The Phoblographer)