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You Can Wallpaper Your Whole House with These Photo Studio Backdrops



If you like using Drop It Modern‘s photography backdrops, we’ve got good news for you: they sell those same patterns as wallpaper. Who needs a backdrop when your whole house or apartment can be one!?

The revelation comes to us from Stan Horaczek over at PopPhoto. It seems Drop It Modern, a very popular manufacturer of fabric photography backdrops that you’ve probably seen if not used, also sells wallpaper in many of the same patterns. From floral, to geometric, to Rorschach, there are 29 different wallpapers to choose from in all.

All of them come in 30-inch x 10-foot rolls for $62 or sets of 8 rolls for $496.



On the practical side, using this to create a “permanent” photo backdrop in your studio or home might not be such a bad idea… although we might not go as far as covering an entire room up in any of these patterns.

But even if practical isn’t what you’re going for, what better way to announce your love of photography to the world than to make your entire interior one giant photography backdrop? Nope, we can’t think of one either.