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Video: Nature Photographer Risks His Own Safety to Save a Young Eagle


After reading so many stories about inconsiderate people putting animals’ lives in danger (or outright killing them) to get a “cool” selfie, this story was like a deep breath of fresh air. Watch as a Polish nature photographer risks his own safety to save a young eagle stuck in the coastal mud.

The video was shot on July 26th. That day, Polish nature photographer Krzysztof Chomicz was out shooting near the Polish town of Swinoujscie when he spotted a six-month-old white-tailed eagle stuck in thick coastal mud and struggling for its life.

With the help of some firefighters, Chomicz tied a rope around his waist and slogged his way through the thick sludge to rescue the beleaguered bird. The rescue op was captured in the dramatic drone video above, and you can see the subsequent clean-up by wildlife conservation workers below. Thanks to Chomicz and these conservationists, the eagle survived and made a full recovery.

Fascinatingly enough, this isn’t the first time Chomicz has saved a white-tailed eagle in trouble. According to Yahoo, he pulled another eagle out of the mud near Swinoujscie in Summer of 2015…

It’s safe to say our faith in humanity is restored.

(via Yahoo via DigitalRev)