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Dolphin Nabs Woman’s iPad, Clearly Disapproves of iPad Photography


Take note: even the animal kingdom hates it when you use your iPad to take photos. At least that’s what seems to be happening in this video, when a playful (or annoyed) dolphin snatches an iPad right out of a woman’s hand and drags it into the water.

Of course, it’s just as (read: more) likely that the dolphin thought the pink-adorned iPad was some sort of food, but we prefer the first explanation…

Here’s the moment of truth again, in GIF form:

The lady—who was just trying to take some cute pictures at SeaWorld in Orlando—did get her iPad back, before making a quick escape in case the dolphin decided to try again.

For our part, we can’t help but wonder what the dolphin would have done if this guy and his MacBook Air ‘camera’ had been standing there… he/she seems to have strong opinions about what gadgets you are and are not allowed to use for picture taking purposes.

(via ABC News via The Verge)