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GoPro Hero 5 Shows Up in Leaked How-To Video


It’s not glamorous, but the first glimpse we get of the long-awaited GoPro Hero 5 may be this super short how-to video that shows you how to connect the unreleased action cam to your smartphone. Still, even at just 9 seconds, there’s plenty to be gleaned by this “sneak peek.”

GoPro tinkerer Konrad Iturbe discovered the video buried inside the GoPro Android app APK. The Verge was able to find the same file, titled “add_camera_hero5.mp4.” giving us hope that this is a legitimate leak and not something made up by a diligent troll.


From the short glimpse you can glean a few things: (1) The next GoPro has rounded edges and a raised record button; (2) The whole back of the camera is a touchscreen, no more BUS interface to attach accessories through, giving credence to the rumor that the Hero 5 may be waterproof out of the box; and (3) The more user-friendly touchscreen menu includes something called “GoPro Sniper,” a mysterious new option nobody seems to know anything about.

What else do you see from the video? Did you notice other features, options, or design queues can in the 9-second clip that we missed? Let us know in the comments. GoPro is expected to release the Hero 5 in time for the Holidays, but in the meantime this little video is all the “legitimate” information we have.

(via Vimeo via The Verge)