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This Camera’s Crazy Zoom Takes You from Earth to the Moon


This is nuts. Curious what 24-4000mm equivalent zoom will get you? This demo video, shot with the 83x optical zoom Nikon P900 superzoom, will show you.

Basically, this camera can take you from a parking lot to the surface of the moon, because while its optical zoom maxes out a holy-crap 83x, the camera can keep going with digital zoom. The P900 features 166x ‘Dynamic Fine Zoom,’ putting the final equivalent focal length at a mind-numbing 4000mm.

Keeping everything steady while you hand-hold your way all the way to the surface of the moon is 5-stop Dual Detect Optical VR.


This video actually isn’t the first time someone has shown off the P900’s prowess at literally shooting the moon. This test by Lothar Lenz was the first we saw, but since he used a tripod you couldn’t quite appreciate the power of the 5-stop VR.

Check out the crazy “holy mother of zoom” demo at the top, and please forgive the somewhat-shaky cam… I mean the guy was shooting a 4000mm equivalent hand-held… cut him some slack.

(via YouTube via Medium)