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Photographer Claims His Business ‘Died’ After Photographing Trump


Virgina-based photographer Ray Reynolds thinks there are consequences to covering one of (if not the) most controversial public figures in the world. He says that ever since he began photographing Republican nominee Donald Trump professionally, the rest of his business has completely dried up.

Reynolds became the photographer for the “Veterans for Trump” coalition last August. Since then he’s photographed 20 different Trump events and followed the presidential nominee all over the country; however, his “front row seat to a historic presidential campaign” comes with a catch.

The rest of his photography business is, in his own words, dead. “That’s one reason I’ve been able to travel and follow him,” he says in his interview with NBC WSLS 10. “Nobody will use me for photography now.”

The question now is what happens once the campaign is over. Win or lose, come November Reynolds probably won’t be tapped as the next Pete Souza. Is covering a historic presidential campaign—and the chills Reynolds says go along with it—worth losing your future career prospects over? We suppose Reynolds will have to decide that for himself.

(via NBC WSLS 10 via Fstoppers)