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Seagate Unveils a Massive 10TB Drive for Your Desktop



Shoot large numbers of ultra-high-res raw photos on a daily basis? Lifelogging every moment in 4K? Want to store all your eggs in one basket? If you answer yes to any or all of those questions, Seagate has a new hard drive for you. The BarraCuda Pro 10TB lets you store a whopping 10 terabytes of data in a single drive on your desktop computer.

Part of a new line of 10TB drives that make up the Guardian Series, the new BarraCuda Pro is a 3.5-inch, 7200 RPM drive that features power-saving features and a 5-year warranty.


Just how many photos can this new drive store? If you’re shooting with the new Phase One XF 100MP, your 100-megapixel photos will weigh over 700MB each as TIFF files. This new hard drive will be able to store about 14,000 of them.

If you’re shooting ~80MB RAW files with the 50.6MP Canon 5DS, you’ll be able to store about 125,000 RAW photos.

In addition to being ultra-high-capacity and relatively fast, the new BarraCuda Pro is also meant to be (relatively) affordable for ordinary consumers and photographers: shipping today, the new drive has a price tag of $509.