360° Video Lets You Hitch a Ride on the Back of a Golden Eagle

This. Is. So. Cool. We (and probably you) have seen video captured from the back of eagles and falcons in flight. But this is the first time we’ve ever heard of someone strapping a 360° camera to the back of a golden eagle and letting it fly.

For those unfamiliar with golden eagles, a few scientific facts are appropriate. A huge, dark-brown raptor, the golden eagle’s wingspan ranges from nearly 6 feet all the way up to to 7-feet 8-inches. It is the second-largest breeding eagle in North America and while size ranges widely by subspecies, there’s no doubt this is a massive bird.

Which probably has something to do with why Giroptic, a San Francisco-based tech company specializing in 360° and virtual reality footage, asked bird specialist Lloyd Buck to strap one of their 360 cams to Tilly the eagle’s back.

Not much more to say other than click play and enjoy the view—soothing piano music included at no extra charge.

(via Fast.Co)