The ‘Warm-to-Cold Fader’ Puts Color Temperature Control Onto a Filter


If you like to physically control as many of the settings on your camera as possible, the ICELAVA Warm-to-Cold Fader is right up your alley. This neat little lens accessory puts color temperature control onto a variable filter you simply twist to adjust.

Color temperature isn’t something we think about much these days, given how easily it’s adjusted in post (you ARE shooting RAW right?). But having a physical filter that lets you warm up or cool down your image gradually could definitely come in handy, as the video below demonstrates:

Using the filter is very easy. Like a variable ND filter, you simply twist the filter until you’ve achieved the proper effect—anywhere from 2900K to 6300K. And, speaking of ND filters, this one doubles as an ND4 filter killing about 2 stops of light to achieve its effect.

The ICELAVA Warm-to-Cold Fader comes in 58mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm versions, but it is unfortunately not available for sale in the USA… at least not yet. For now you’ll need to buy it from Taiwan or have someone ship it to you.

Click here to learn more or (if you’re in the right region) pick one up for yourself.