No-BS Advice: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Photo Business

Photoshop advice and gear advice and motivational advice is easy to come by in the photography world. But no-frills, practical business advice? That’s much more rare. And it’s why we absolutely love this video by photographer, author, and educator Jeff Rojas.

The video was put together alongside a similarly-named article he wrote for Fstoppers in which he elaborates on these same five points. Five points every aspiring professional photographer needs to commit to memory before they start a business of their own. They are:

1. Remember that You’re an Entrepreneur

2. Don’t Overestimate Your Market

3. You Need to Be Stubbornly Dedicated

4. Creativity Means Nothing Without Purpose

5. It’s All About Who You Know and Who Knows You

We won’t steal Jeff’s thunder by elaborating on these points here, so check out the video above for more details or head over to the original article here. Thanks for sharing such spot-on advice Jeff!