This is How You Wrap Up a DSLR So It Can Survive a Spacewalk


Ever wonder how astronauts manage to take cameras outside the International Space Station, where the temperature of an object can reach 250°F in the sun and -250°F in the shade? Here’s your answer!

A couple of years ago Astronaut Tim Peake (remember him?) shared this photo of a D4 and external flash all wrapped up in custom-made thermal blankets along with the caption “This is a piece of kit I’m really hoping to use – our Nikon D4 & flash all wrapped up for a spacewalk.”

Here’s his original tweet:

That’s pretty cool, and a fun bit of trivia you can bring up the next time you run out of things to talk about at a party. Of course, pictures of Peake’s kit are not nearly as nice as the photos he captures using that kit. You can find those by following the astronaut on Twitter and Flickr.

Image credits: Photograph courtesy of NASA/ESA.