Alpaca Photobombs Couple’s Surprise Proposal Photos


Photographer John Myers was photographing a surprise proposal recently when a strange thing happened: he was photobombed by an alpaca. Okay, it wasn’t so strange, given they were on an alpaca farm, but the resulting shots still made for a fun (if not unique) engagement session.

John sent us the photos and story earlier today. He explained that the couple, Kevin Scanlon and Bethany Rumley from Murfreesboro, TN, love animals and, therefore, decided that the Hidden River Alpaca Farm was the perfect place to have a family photo session. What Bethany didn’t know is that Kevin was planning to propose.

But when the big moment came, so did a big, fuzzy alpaca head looking for some more food:


“I told Bethany I wanted a few pictures of just them two and I then setup a feeding bucket so that the apalcas would gather around them. As soon as I got them positioned, Kevin dropped to his knee and proposed to Bethany,” John tells PetaPixel. “She of course said yes, but as I moved closer to them, one of the apalcas came towards me.”

“It got into the pictures as I was taking them,” continues John. “I could have move to the left or right to avoid the apalca, but instead I just embraced the photobomb […] it’s not every day you see apalcas in proposal pictures.”

That it is not. Of course, John did grab a few alpaca-photobomb-free pictures while he was at it:



But the ones with the wayward alpaca in them are still our favorites:


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Image credits: Photographs by John Myers Photography and used with permission.