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The World’s Smallest Photo Office


Jens Lennartsson is a photographer and writer who travels the world to tell stories. In the 2.5-minute video above, he shares how he creates all of his work with what he calls “the smallest photo office in the world.”

Lennartsson’s mobile studio is about as minimalist as you can get. He uses a single fixed lens camera, a notebook, an e-reader, a keyboard, a powerbank, and a phone.


Lennartsson shoots with a Fujifilm X100T, and then uses his 64GB iPhone 6 as his primary computing device, editing the photos, uploading them online, and writing blog posts using his wireless Flyshark Foldable Bluetooth keyboard.

“Sometimes I even make calls on it,” the photographer says.

An EC Technology 22400mAh 3 USB power bank lets Lennartsson stay mobile and not rely on working in places that have power outlets. The fully charged power bank allows him to juice each of his electronic devices a few times each.

Software-wise, Lennartsson uses iA Writer for writing, VSCO Cam for editing his photos, and WordPress for blogging.

“This setup fits me and my needs,” Lennartsson says. “You don’t need the best camera. You only need a camera that is good enough for what you’re going to do.”

Here are some photos from Lennartsson’s portfolio:











You can find more of Lennartsson’s work on his website, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also be a support of his work through Patreon.

(via ISO 1200)

Update on 5/28/16: Photographer Mike of Vagabond Vivant shares that he uses virtually the same setup as Jens, except with data redundancy:

Image credits: Photographs by Jens Lennartsson and used with permission