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This Actor Made a Movie Trailer with Random People on the Street


Actor JD Walsh recently created a Hollywood-style movie trailer… featuring strangers he encountered on the street.

In the video above, titled “Run & Gun Pilot,” Walsh shows how he approached people on the sidewalks of downtown Los Angeles and asked them if they’d spare a few minutes to act in a scene with him. While many refused, some were happy to take part. They were then mic-ed up and filmed by a crew while engaging in some dialog with Walsh.

Screenshot (1407)

Screenshot (1408)

Screenshot (1410)

Screenshot (1411)

Walsh, who has appeared in major movies and TV shows (e.g. Spiderman 2, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Castle), is the only real actor in all of the scenes. The finished trailer is found at the end of the video. The story is about a cop (Walsh) who’s trying to support his family and is trying to track down his son.