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Tutorial Shows You How to Totally Transform a Sunset in Lightroom



There’s an ongoing debate about how much is too much when it comes to post-processing landscape images. But if you’re okay with taking a subtle sunset shot and completely transforming it in Lightroom, this tutorial is one of the most comprehensive step-by-step guides we’ve seen.

The video was put together by YouTuber YuriFineart, and it’s probably not one you’ll want to watch at work since it’s a full 44 minutes long. But it’s not long for no reason. Each adjustment is explained and done in real-time, so you can follow along and see how every tool in Lightroom works.

If you’re new-ish to using Adobe Lightroom, the tutorial will be useful for that reason alone: learning how to use each tool. It’s also a good reminder that, sometimes, post-processing is a lot of trial and error.

Check out the full tutorial for yourself below:

Admittedly, the final product may be too over-the-top for some… or most. But we took this as more of a demonstration of the sheer power of a RAW editor like Lightroom rather than a step-by-step “do this with every landscape photo” tutorial.

To see more of Yuri’s work, give his YouTube channel a follow. And if you have any suggestions or additional tips to share, don’t hesitate to drop a line in the comments.

(via Reddit)