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Macro Photos Capture the Stunning Diversity of Autumn Leaves



Amateur photographer Carola Becker spent last Autumn photographing hundreds of leaves as they turned from green, to gold, to red, to brown. The resulting macro images, placed side by side, show “the beauty of diversity and imperfection.”

We caught up with Carola to ask her about the images, which she first shared here. She explained that the series was born of a childhood love for Autumn, its leaves, and its beautiful colors.

“I collected leaves when I was a child and dried them, but after a few days the colors always got lifeless.” she told PetaPixel over email. “Now, as an adult, I wanted to preserve these fascinating colors and structures through photography.”


Each leaf was shot right where she found them in the forests around her hometown, using a Sigma 50mm Macro lens and available light.

Carola then compiled all of the photos into collages of different sizes. As she zooms in closer and closer, more details emerge; each leaf, each colorful collage, takes on a different characteristic the closer you get.

“My favorite thing in this project is that every leaf itself looks a bit interesting, but all leaves together look much more fascinating then one by itself,” explains Carola. “I had tons of photos. When I got trough all the photos, I thought the project would be very boring. Leaf, leaf, leaf… oh hey, a leaf…”

The collages were her way of adding some much-needed diversity to the images… a story, if you will.

“Eventually, as I compiled the collages from single pictures, I was happy with the result,” says Carola. “It wasn’t that boring anymore.”







You can see more from Carola on her website.

Image credits: Photographs by Carola Becker and used with permission.