$30 eBay Find Makes Shooting 3D with Your DSLR a Breeze

Shooting stereoscopic 3D images usually means breaking out a cool old film camera like the one used here, but this $30 eBay find from 1950 can make shooting 3D images on your DSLR as easy as shooting a regular 2D still.

The Stereax is a lens attachment from the 1950s, and it’s about to be much more in demand thanks to photographer Mathieu Stern and his popular YouTube video above. The video has gotten a lot of attention because of how easy it makes shooting 3D images.

He simply replaced the mount on the back of the Stereax with a filter ring that fit his lenses, and boom: 3D camera.


Each click of the shutter spits out two images thanks to the mirrors found inside the Stereax, and those two images when combined with the help of 3D glasses (or by crossing your eyes, if you don’t mind the headache) show the scene in three dimensions.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find any Stereax left on eBay, or anything similar that came close to that $30 price tag. But if you want to try this for yourself, there is a more expensive, similar option made by Loreo (H/T to Reddit user piccoach).

Unfortunately, those options will cost you $150… plus shipping.