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How Ansel Adams Grew From a Casual Photographer Into a Legendary One


Here’s a fascinating 6-minute video that explores how Ansel Adams went from being a rather mediocre amateur photographer and into the legend we now know and revere.

When Ansel Adams first started out in photography, his casual snapshots weren’t exactly impressive. But over time, Adams made huge strides in the quality of his images by developing techniques such as visualization, the “the ability to anticipate a finished image before making the exposure”:

Another is the Zone System:

“Ansel Adams’ work, his devotion to craft, and, more importantly, intention in photography is an important example in our time when there are more pictures posted in 6 months than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy,” says video creator and narrator Evan Puschak, the Nerdwriter.

“Today, everyone has a camera, but how many visualize what they’re going to capture beforehand? How many measure the light or hike for a day to reach the perfect spot?”

(via Nerdwriter1 via PDNPulse)