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Photographer Wins Chance to Document Canadian PM Visiting Obama



When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited US President Barack Obama at the White House today, one Canadian photographer had the chance to document the historic meeting thanks to a simple online application.

That photographer is Taylor Jones, the founder of the popular photo project Dear Photograph, which shares photos that combine the past and present. CTV News reports that Jones was invited to the White House’s South Lawn today after filling out an online app that’s part of the White House’s initiative to invite social media “influencers”:

Jones was also interviewed in a separate CTV News segment about his “shot of a lifetime”:

Jones says that all he had to do was fill out the app with a short blurb about himself and links to his online social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. A week later, an official invite showed up in his inbox:

Jones Tweeted one of his photos this morning showing his view of Trudeau and Obama on stage:

Jones currently has 14,000 followers on his personal Instagram account and about 19,000 through the Dear Photograph account. He believes his sizable online presence helped him get this special photo op — yet another example of social media helping a photographer get a leg up in this digital, ultra-connected age.

Image credits: Still frame and videos by CTV News