These Photos Show the Priorities of a Photographer


Camera gear often isn’t cheap, and sometimes photographers need to make touch choices when it comes to what gear to purchase and what they’ll give up in order to purchase it. Photographer Barnabas Horvath decided to turn this painful reality into a photo series called “Priorities.”

“It’s about how my priorities are changing as I get more and more into photography,” Horvath tells PetaPixel. “I know I should replace my torn t-shirt, but I still buy a UV filter instead. Or a tripod instead of a jacket.”

To show how photography has transformed his priorities and where he spends his money, Horvath decided to place various items in his camera bag next to worn-down clothing items in his closet.

“I created a short photo essay out of this, each item next to the other, basically in the same price range,” Horvath says. It’s a simple idea, but perhaps “photographers (pros and amateurs alike) may be able to relate to it,” he tells us.





You can find more of Horvath’s work on Tumblr and on Instagram.