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Photos of the Not-So-Glamorous Side of Pregnancy



Maternity photos are often idealized, showing radiant mothers-to-be cradling their bellies in serene environments and ethereal light. Lifestyle photographer Danielle Guenther decided to shed some light on the other end of the spectrum: her new project, “What the Bump,” is a look at the not-so-glamorous side of pregnancy.

Guenther is known for her viral photo series “Best Case Scenario” photo series, which shows the chaos of being a parent of young children. Her new work is a spin-off from that project.

The photo above is titled “OverDO,” and shows how mothers how mothers try different tactics to hasten labor when they get past their due date. Interestingly enough, the subject of the photo went into labor just 8 hours after the photo was captured. (“It worked!,” Guenther says).

Here are the rest of the photos in the series so far:

“I’m Not Walking Home”


“Nesters Anonymous”


“It’s Go Time”


“Calling For Backup”


“Morning Sickness, 9-5”




You can find more of Guenther’s work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Image credits: Photographs by Danielle Guenther and used with permission