Monument is a Smart Personal Cloud for Storing and Organizing Your Photos

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Want the benefits of cloud photo storage combined with the simplicity and security of having possession of the physical hard drive? A new gadget called Monument aims to deliver just that. It’s the world’s first desktop device that uses artificial intelligence to provide a “personal cloud” that you can use to backup your photos and access them from anywhere.

Rather than use internal storage, the device allows you to attach USB drives for flexible capacity. Its capacity is simply the capacity of the drives you choose to attach.

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Photos can be synced to the device over Wi-Fi or by inserting an SD card. Using the Monument mobile app for both iOS and Android, you can also upload photos from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet.

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Once it receives photos, Monument uses AI to sort those files based on time, location, and even people (using facial recognition).

In addition to searching for and browsing through people in your life, you can also search collections based on keywords such as “summer” and “snow.” The results are returned in seconds.


Unlike cloud data storage, nothing is stored on someone else’s services on the Web, and there are no monthly fees involved.

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Here’s a video introduction and demo of Monument:

Monument launched on Kickstarter last week and raised over $110,000 in crowdfunding in less than 5 days, blowing past its initial goal of $60,000. A contribution of $109 will get you one of the first devices if the project successfully ships in September 2016.