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Apple CEO Mocked for Blurry ‘Shot on iPhone’ Super Bowl Photo



Apple loves promoting its iPhone camera quality by sharing beautiful photos shot around the world by iPhone owners. So it’s curious that Apple CEO Tim Cook decided to share a blurry photo on Twitter while attending Super Bowl 50. And now the Internet isn’t letting Cook live it down.

Here’s Cook’s not-so-spectacular “shot on iPhone” photo from the Super Bowl:

…and here’s what Internet users had to say about the shot:

Cook did shoot a somewhat better photo, though, and other people had nicer things to say to the CEO:

Still, the Internet consensus appears to be that Cook’s photo isn’t a good look for iPhone’s highly touted camera, so Cook might want to think about passing his snapshots by Apple PR from here on out.

Update on 2/10/16: Tim Cook has deleted the blurry photo from his Twitter account.