These Photos Show the Sun Bouncing During 24-Hour Sunlight in Antarctica


If you ever visit Antarctica in the summer, you’ll find yourself in a place where there’s 24 hours of sunlight in a day. Instead of setting in the horizon and ushering in the night, the Sun “bounces” on the horizon and rises up again — it’s a bounce that can be captured in a series of photos captured through a day.

UK physician Eoin Macdonald-Nethercott has been working at the ESA’s Concordia research base in Antarctica. While there, he shot and stitched together the sequence of images above that show a sunrise and sunset in Antarctica. You can find the original-resolution image here.


We shared a time-lapse of Antarctica’s 24-hour sunlight back in August 2015.

(via Chronicles from Concordia via Gizmodo)

Image credits: Photographs by ESA/IPEV/PNRA-E. Macdonald-Nethercott