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‘Time Lapse’ is a Sci-Fi Thriller About a Camera That Photographs the Future


If you’re a fan of both photography and science fiction, here’s a movie you can add to your queue of things to watch: “Time Lapse.” Released earlier this year, the film is about a mysterious camera device that shoots Polaroid pictures that show the future.

“Three friends discover a mysterious machine that takes pictures 24hrs into the future,” the movie’s synopsis reads. “They conspire to use it for personal gain, until disturbing and dangerous images begin to develop…” You can watch the 2-minute trailer above.

Reviews have been positive so far: the movie has a 71% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 6.4 on IMDB.


If you’re interested in watching Time Lapse, you can find it on Netflix, as a $1 rental on Amazon Instant Video, and through a number of other channels.

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