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APOLLO: A Moving Short Created Entirely with Moon Mission Photos


Inspired by Tom Kucy’s recent short film “Ground Control,” Devon, UK-based photographer Chris Coupland took photos from the Project Apollo archive on Flickr and turned them into this beautiful 3-minute short film, titled “Apollo.”

“Combining my passion for photography and day job in graphic design, I carefully selected individual still images from the archive which I thought would tell a suitable narrative,” Coupland tells PetaPixel. “I then split the elements that made up each image into separate layers within Photoshop and animated them in a 3D space in After Effects creating parallax and motion between the layers.”

“These compositions were combined with color grading, effects, clips from the original audio logs and the music of Kai Engel to create my short film.”




Coupland says that he hopes this film will encourage more people to learn about the history of space exploration. You can find more of his work on his website.

Image credits: Video and stills by Chris Coupland and used with permission