20 Angry Newlyweds Ambush Wedding Photographer Who ‘Ruined Their Big Day’

Wedding photographer Justin Hollow of Lakes Photography was recently featured in the Australian TV show A Current Affair, but not in a good way. Hollow was ambushed on camera by 20 angry grooms and brides (some in wedding gowns) who claim that Hollow’s photo business ruined their big day.

The group of newlyweds contacted the show with horror stories about the Brisbane-based photographer’s practices. One claims that Hollow changed the photographer assignment for her wedding at the last minute, forcing her to cancel her booking — she’s still waiting for her full refund. Others accuse Hollow of taking nearly two years to deliver their wedding photos and videos, and some are still wondering if their memories will ever arrive.

A Current Affair then arranged for the group to confront Hollow on camera to demand their refunds and photos. Here’s the full 15-minute segment that aired on TV (you can also find it on the 9news website):

“I run my own business, I actually have to do absolutely everything in that,” Hollow says in his defense.

He has reportedly been banned from membership by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and is under investigation by the Queensland Office of Fair Trading.