Wedding Photographer Complains that a ‘Karen’ Ruined His Shot

Wedding photographer complains that a Karen ruined his shot.

A wedding photographer trying to line up a photo of a newlywed couple with a plane in the background complained that a “Karen” spoiled his shot by walking into it.

Duminciuc Bogdan shared the video to his TikTok page where it has received a staggering 27 million views.

@duminciucbogdanfilms Wedding in Corfu 😩✈️ #karen #ruinedshot #weddingvideographer #corfu ♬ Oh No (Instrumental) – Kreepa

In the video, an automated voiceover says: “I was trying to get a shot with the couple and the airplane and Karen here decided to ruin our shot.”

Just as the airplane is flying at a very low altitude and about to enter Bogdan’s frame, a woman walking her dog walks into the shot causing Bogdan to shout “No, no, no, no, no.”

It was certainly an inopportune moment for the dogwalker to appear as the airplane was only fleetingly in the photographer’s shot. Afterward, Bogdan can be heard saying to the dogwalker, “Oh c’mon, c’mon.” The happy couple makes light of the situation.

The video was filmed on the Greek island of Corfu and was uploaded to TikTok last year but has recently resurfaced with MSN and The Independent reporting on the incident.

‘She is Literally in a Wedding Dress’

The comments on Bogdan’s video are overwhelmingly sympathetic toward the wedding photographer and videographer.

“I know the dock belongs to everyone but what’s a 10-second wait?” writes one person. “Doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding or just a tourist. You can wait one second for a photo to be taken,” adds another.

However, not everyone condemned the woman. “To be fair she might not have known that you were waiting for the plane, writes one TikToker. “You don’t know, the Karen could’ve been waiting for 10 minutes with no signal from them,” adds Joan Kimberly.

It would have been impossible for the dogwalker not to have seen what was happening in front of her, and the fact the couple are clearly newlyweds makes it all the worse.

While some people in the comments suggest Bogdan uses Photoshop, all photographers know that getting it right in-camera saves time and far more satisfying.

Image credits: Feature photo courtesy of Duminciuc Bogdan .