The Life and Work of a Traveling Cat Photographer

Larry Johnson is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based photographer who specializes in cat portraits. He has photographed animals for over 20 years now. These days, in any given year, Johnson travels to over 35 major cities around the world to capture feline portraits at major cat shows.

Director Mark Zemel followed Johnson around for a weekend earlier this year during the cat show in Parsippany, New Jersey. What resulted was “The Purrtraitist,” the 10-minute film above that provides a look at Johnson’s life and work.

Here’s a selection of cat portraits from Johnson’s portfolio:


Father like Son 11057-038

I'll be Ready in a Minute 11065-302 FB

A Bloomin' Handfull 11068-096 FB




Cutie Pies 11123-0091


Do I Have a Tail For You 11146-363

It's Better than a Rosette Anyday 11154-383

Eyes Adorable 11160-207

Mixed up Manx 11181-259

I will Show you my spots if you will show me yours 11197-269

A Twist of Coon 11209-418

I'z Too Cute 11213-182

A Rose is a Rose 11216-285


You can find more of Johnson’s work over on his website.

Image credits: Photographs by Larry Johnson and used with permission