The First Ever VR Film Shot in a War Zone with a 360° Camera

The American news media company RYOT recently sent its World Editor, Christian Stephen, to the war-ravaged streets of Aleppo, Syria. While there, he used a 360° camera to capture the world’s first virtual reality film of the inside of a war zone.

It’s an immersive short film that gives viewers a unique perspective into what the Syrian civil war has done to the country’s largest city.

“Not only is [Aleppo] one of the most dangerous places on Earth, but it’s also one of the hardest to access as Syria’s civil war rages on,” writes RYOT. “We hope that, by sharing this immersive experience with the world, a new understanding of the horrors of war can be communicated like never before.”

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RYOT says it will continue to work on using virtual reality technology to teleport its viewers around the world to real-life conflict zones and disaster areas.