Nikon Snags New ‘C’ and ‘V’ Trademarks for Software


Nikon recently registered two new trademarks: “C Nikon” and “V Nikon”. According to the information provided from the official US federal trademark (USPTO) database, both items appear to be for upcoming pieces of software (sorry gear junkies!). The trademarks were filed earlier this year in July along with the proposed logos for each item.

C Nikon is described as a “software program for use in digital photography, to provide an image-editing, printing, browsing, exporting, sharing”. Additional information goes on to explain that sharing is achieved through social media, cloud file sharing, emails, and slideshows. The program will also be compatible with “CD-ROMs, optical discs, magnetic discs and magnetic-optical discs.”


V Nikon is a more advanced piece of software for “scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signaling and checking (supervision) apparatus and instruments.” The software also allows for digital photographs to be edited, printed, browsed, and shared. V Nikon can be used for video as well, offering movie editing, creating, converting, processing, trimming, and saving.

The trademarks themselves are currently live, but there doesn’t appear to be any additional info about the not-yet-announced software programs aside from the information currently provided by the USPTO.

Nikon Rumors writes that Nikon recently filed for “D series” and “iGPS” trademarks as well.