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10 Simple Photography Hacks with Household Things


If you’d like to experiment with some do-it-yourself photography hacks and tricks, check out this new video by DigitalRev. Over the course of 10 minutes, Kai shares 10 different cheap and simple hacks you can do with ordinary things you’ll find lying around your house.

Here’s an index of the different tricks covered and where in the video they’re discussed:

#1: Tripod Sling (1:03). Use key rings to give your tripod a carrying strap.

#2: Vasaline Soft Focus (2:17). Rub Vaseline on a sheet of glass for soft focus photos.

#3: Tights Soft Filter (4:12). Tights over your lens can give your photos a different look.

#4: String Pod (5:25). Use a piece of string to give your camera extra stability.

#5: Corn Stabilizer (6:04). Make a simple bag to rest your camera on for stabilization.

#6: Poo Roll Macro (7:08). A toilet paper roll can be used for reverse lens macro shots.

#7: Strap Filter (7:55). Use your camera strap to modify how scenes are exposed.

#8: Bokeh Guru Kit (8:22). Cut shapes into card stock to shoot with custom bokeh.

#9: Pinhole Bodycap (8:40). A hole in a body cap turns it into a simple pinhole lens.

#10: Beauty Dish (8:59). Turn a pie pan into a beauty dish.

(via DigitalRev TV via ISO 1200)