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Use This Secret Code to View Hidden Info on Olympus Cameras



Olympus Russia had recently posted a photograph showing the above image, which showcases a secret data screen on one of their OM-D cameras. In fact, there are three pages of data screens that provide information from how many times the camera’s shutter has been released, to how many times the flash has been fired, and much more. Olympus has since taken down the image, but the secret access code has now been outed.

Olympus collector and photographer, John Foster, posted the access sequence on his blog, Biofos, noting that the process is possible on all E-System, OM-D, and PEN cameras. The instructions we have summarized below are for the OM-D E-M5 and E-1, along with Olympus’ PEN system. For detailed instructions on other models, be sure to check Foster’s website.


  1. Begin by inserting your camera’s battery and holding down the ‘menu’ button while you turn the camera on.
  2. As soon as you see the LCD illuminate, release the menu button and immediately press it again.
  3. You will now be presented with a menu; select the ‘SPANNER’ option and click to the right using the direction pad.
  4. Scroll down to the brightness screen and click to the right once again.
  5. Select the INFO option and then select OK.
  6. You will be presented with a screen that says ‘OLYMPUS’.
  7. Enter the following code sequence: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SHUTTER, UP.

Congratulations, you have accessed the secret menu on your Olympus camera! Use the directional pad to switch between the different screens and view the detailed information.


The ‘R’ designates the number of shutter releases while the ’S’ designates the number of times the flash has been fired. Also, the ‘U’ designates the number of times the Ultra Sonic Filter is used and the ‘B’ designate how many shots have been taken with the system’s IBIS turned on. Lastly, the ‘D’ produces an error code to be utilized by Olympus technicians. Other information seems to match up with the camera’s serial number, model number, and firmware version.

While not all the codes are completely understood, Foster has narrowed down quite a few. Check out his website for more clarity on what the numbers and letters mean.

(via biofos via 43 Rumors)