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Build a DIY Flexible Camera Mount for Just $8



If you need an accessory for mounting your camera to random places, instead of purchasing a Gorillapod (or something similar), you can go a thrifty do-it-yourself route. For just $8, Instructables member Megan Yeomans crafted her own affordable solution that uses vinyl tubing and copper wire. The result is a three-foot flexible 1/4” piece of kit that can be used as a standard tripod, a selfie stick, or an articulated mount.


To get started, you are going to need a few supplies including two 1/4” X 20 bolts, 1/4” inside diameter vinyl tubing, 1/8” copper wire, and two 1/2” brass couplings. You’ll also need some epoxy, a wire cutting tool, vice grips, a torch, dish soap, and a bucket of water to assist you in your task. Looking up the items, we found them to be a bit more expensive than $8, but perhaps you already have them some of them around your home.


Yeomans said she decided on using gauge copper wire from the beginning: “Having spent a good deal of time combing through the local hardware store (Lowes) I knew that there was a fair selection of large gauge copper wire, and I knew from previous projects that copper is very pliable especially when annealed.” She then added other bits and ends to complete her design.


The DIY project does suggest that you soften the copper wire through a process known as annealing, but if you don’t have access to a torch you can skip the step although the end product may be a bit more stiff to work with when needed.

Yeomans explains: “For copper to anneal, you have to heat it up until it is a dull red and then quickly quench it in water. This allows the crystalline structure of the copper to relax with allows it to be more bendy.”


The process does take a bit of work, but the result is sure handy and an excellent solution for any photographer on the move. You can find a detailed step-by-step build tutorial over at Instructables.

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