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Microsoft Discontinues Photosynth’s Mobile Apps



Fan’s of Microsoft’s Photosynth technology may be a bit disappointed to learn that the company is retiring their mobile applications for iOS and Windows Phone. Microsoft won’t be ditching their entire Photosynth efforts. However, they note that they will be instead focusing on the more immersive solutions introduced in the Photosynth technical preview. Those who have already downloaded the applications can continue to utilize them, but they are now officially unsupported.

If you have been using Microsoft’s Photosynth application to create stitched panoramas, then it is recommended that you upload your creations to the Photosynth website. As we mentioned before, the service will continue to run despite the applications being discontinued. Microsoft explains that your online panoramas “can be made public, or kept unlisted to protect your privacy.”

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Those interested in checking out Photosynth can visit Microsoft’s official website by clicking here. The current technical preview allows photographers to create high-resolution 3D worlds in a variety of fashions. Simply sign up for a Microsoft account and you will be on your way to creating wild interactive panoramas.