Lensbaby Launches the Creative Mobile Kit with Two ‘Reality Bending’ Lenses

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Lensbaby is known for their creative art lenses and mobile accessories including the Composer Pro, LM-10, and Velvet 56. Today, the company has announced their latest addition to their product lineup aimed at smartphone photographers. The new ‘Creative Mobile Kit’ includes two lenses: the LM-20 and the LM-30, a mobile mounting mechanism, and a kickstand for long exposures.


The first lens, the LM-20, features Lensbaby’s famous ‘center sweet spot of focus’ with a sharp drop-off into blur.


The second lens, the LM-30, takes a sharply focused image surrounded by reflections.

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Taken with the Lensbaby LM-20
CMK-slide-04 copy
Taken with the Lensbaby LM-30

Lensbaby states that their product is officially compatible with Apple’s iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus devices, in addition to Android devices running any operating system past Jelly Bean. Quite frankly, we don’t see any reason the kit wouldn’t be compatible with most mobile devices with the two very flexible mounting solutions included. In addition, the Lensbaby Mobile app is not needed to shoot with the lenses.


Craig Strong, Lensbaby’s Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, noted that “customers are taking more pictures using their mobile phones and have been asking for more Lensbaby lenses for some time now.” As a result, Strong is “happy to announce that [Lensbaby’s] Creative Mobile Kit is available to help visual artists take and share images that project their creativity and unique perspective.”

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Taken with the Lensbaby LM-20
CMK-slide-03 copy
Taken with the Lensbaby LM-30

The new Creative Mobile Suite featuring the LM-20 and LM-30 will be available starting today from the company’s official web store and from other retailers for $90.