KwiltKeys Keyboard for iOS Puts Photos From Various Apps At Your Fingertips


Have you ever wished that you could quickly access your photos from 3rd party apps on your iPhone as quickly as you access your Camera Roll photos? KwiltKeys is a new third-party keyboard for iOS that helps you quickly find and select photos that are stored both on your device and through different services. Just download the software to your device and you are ready to post any of your photographs within your favorite apps in seconds.

KwiltKeys is currently in private beta, but luckily, we have obtained a copy to take a quick look at for our readers. After downloading the app to our phone, we were taken to the Settings menu to setup the keyboard. If you aren’t already aware of how to set up third-party keyboards, then we suggest visiting this official Apple help page.

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The KwiltKeys application allows you to quickly select photo streams that you would like to include in the keyboard’s usage. Besides your device’s camera roll, you can also choose from a number of online social services including Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Photobucket, Tumblr, and Twitter. A few cloud storage options are also available including Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

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You can also use the main app to select your keyboard’s theme color and cache size. The higher the cache you set, the faster the application can maneuver through your photographs. It is worth noting that the KwiltKeys’ default cache size is up to 1 GB which is quite large. You can also opt for a 100 MB or 500 MB cache setting.

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To use KwiltKeys, simply head into your favorite messaging application and bring up the keyboard option by holding down on the ‘globe’ key. Once the keyboard is launched, there are six option buttons on the bottom of the screen. The two buttons to the right are your backspace and enter keys, the next three middle buttons allow you to sort your photos, and the leftmost button allows you to return to the standard keyboard.

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When looking for a photograph, you can sort your keyboard by either time, location, or streams. The time option breaks down all of your photographs by year, then month, then day. The location option breaks your photographs down by continent, then country, then town. Lastly, the steam service breaks your content down by what service they originated from such as your camera roll, Facebook, or Instagram.

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When you select a photograph, you are given notice that it has been copied to the clipboard. You are then told to tap-hold on the text field to paste the photograph. We feel that this is most likely a limitation of Apple’s third-party keyboard API since we were hoping that the keyboard would directly insert the image.

Whether or not KwiltKeys is useful to you depends on your situation. We found it to be quite entertaining, but most of the photos we needed were already stored on our phone so a third-party keyboard such as this was a bit over the top. However, if you have your photos stored across multiple services and you want quick access to them, then this might be the perfect match.

Learn more about KwiltKeys and signup for the private beta by clicking here.