Best Keyboards

The Best Keyboards in 2023

Having a solid keyboard is crucial for any desk setup, whether that’s in an office or at the dining room table. But not all keyboards are built equally, and not every model is best suited for each task. These are the best keyboard options across use cases.

This Sleek Keyboard Doubles as an SD Card Reader, USB Hub, and More

If you're a photographer who's tired of carrying dongles around for your newer MacBook Pro, the Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub is an unusual new keyboard that could help ease your pain. It's essentially a keyboard and USB hub in one device, and it has a built-in SD card reader for easily accessing your photos to work on them.

If Adobe Made a Keyboard for Photo Editing…

What if Adobe decided to jump into the keyboard market and create a keyboard for photographers and other creatives? What would it look like? Brazilian designer Vinicius Araújo decided to turn his best guess into a futuristic concept keyboard called the Adobe Keyboard.

Phase One Unveils a Customized Keyboard for Capture One Pro Users

If you're a serious Capture One Pro user, the folks at Phase One have a real treat in store for you. It's called the Capture One Pro keyboard: a customized color-coded keyboard that brings 107 useful shortcuts to the surface and helps you turn your workflow up to 11.

KwiltKeys Keyboard for iOS Puts Photos From Various Apps At Your Fingertips

Have you ever wished that you could quickly access your photos from 3rd party apps on your iPhone as quickly as you access your Camera Roll photos? KwiltKeys is a new third-party keyboard for iOS that helps you quickly find and select photos that are stored both on your device and through different services. Just download the software to your device and you are ready to post any of your photographs within your favorite apps in seconds.

Sonder Keyboard Uses E Ink to Put Shortcut Icons At Your Fingertips

Tired of having to memorize new keyboard shortcuts for every application you use? Want to see every Photoshop tool icon right under your fingertips? Sonder is a new customizable keyboard that can help you navigate shortcuts. Each of the main keys features an E Ink display that can be customized with different icons for different programs.

A 324-Key Keyboard Dedicated to Lightroom Editing

It was around this time last year that we shared a new product called SHORTCUT-S, a 319-key keyboard designed specifically for editing photos in Photoshop.

Creatives soon began asking the company to branch out into other popular programs, and today the company is doing just that. SHORTCUT-S tells us that it will soon be launching dedicated keyboards for 13 other programs, one of which is Adobe Lightroom.

Shortcut-S: An Intense 319-Key Keyboard Designed Specifically for Photoshop

Where Photoshop and other advanced image editing software is concerned, the standard keyboard is woefully outmatched. To get around this, Adobe and other developers use shortcuts (that aren't always all that short), but one designer decided that instead of going down to the keyboard's level, he would bring the keyboard up to his.

Thus was born the Shortcut-S: a massive 319-key keyboard that is designed specifically so that you never have to use more than one finger when selecting an editing function ever again.

VSCO Keys Speeds Up Your Lightroom Workflow with Keyboard Shortcuts

Visual Supply Co (AKA VSCO), best known for its film emulation software, has launched a new product that's designed to reduce the time you spend post-processing your images in Adobe Lightroom. VSCO Keys is a tool that adds powerful and customizable keyboard shortcuts to Lightroom 3 and 4. You can assign keys to the various sliders in the program, allowing you to keep your hands off your mouse during photo editing.