ROL is Like the Tinder of Competitive Photo Sharing


If you like the idea of online photo sharing but dislike the idea of popular users getting all the attention, ROL is a new app you should check out. It’s a competitive photo sharing service that focuses on promoting images based on their merits rather than on a photographer’s follower counts.

The idea is simple. After you post a photograph, it gets shown to 3 random people around the world. Each person who receives your image can choose to either ROL the photo or BIN it.

If they like and ROL your shot, it gets passed onto 3 more people around the world. If they dislike and BIN your photo, it’s a strike against your image. 3 straight BINs, and your photo’s journey through ROL comes to an end.

It’s a concept that aims to help photos go viral based on their own merits, helping photographers get their work seen and allowing people who enjoy seeing photography to receive a consistent stream of worthwhile images to look at.

The best photos on ROL are also showcased in a gallery that everyone on the service can enjoy.


One of the new features of the app is called VS Mode, with which you can challenge your friend to a photo duel. You each submit one photo, and the pair is sent to random users to judge side-by-side. Whoever wins the public vote receives all the ROLs for their image.


The app is 100% free without any advertising, and is currently available for iPhones through the Apple App Store.