Steve McCurry’s Assistant Busted in $654,358 ‘Afghan Girl’ Art Theft


Legendary photojournalist Steve McCurry’s assistant has been arrested in connection with the theft of prints, books, and items from McCurry’s studio worth a whopping $654,358.

In a press release, the district attorney of Chester County, Pennsylvania, calls the case the “‘Afghan Girl‘ Art Theft.” The statement says that 32-year-old Bree DeStephano “casually abused her position of trust to make some easy money, without a thought to the damage to Mr. McCurry.”

Photographer Steve McCurry in 2011.
Photographer Steve McCurry in 2011.

DeStephano, McCurry’s manager of fine art print sales, is accused of stealing 50 limited edition photo prints worth $628,000 between May 2012 and November 2013. The photos were then allegedly sold without McCurry’s authorization for DeStephano’s private gain.

There were also 233 stolen books valued at $23,196 that were sold through websites under “various aliases.”

DeStephano was arrested today after an investigation revealed the scope of the theft and recovered a number of prints. Bail is current set at $250,000.

(via Chester County via NPPA)

Image credits: Photo of Steve McCurry by John Ramspott