A Magical Then-and-Now Journey Through Portland

Then and now” photo projects are all the rage these days, but the video above puts a unique spin on the idea. It’s titled “Yesterday’s Tomorrow: A Portland Journey,” and is a magical tour of Portland, Oregon, with vintage photographs weaved into modern day video of different places in the city.

Uncage the Soul Productions, the team behind this short film, shot the footage of locations after gathering together a collection of their favorite historic photos of Portland from different sources.

“We’ve seen books and blogs using the ‘Then and Now’ treatment to show side by side the historic and present via photos,” they write. “But in our curiosity and research, we could not find many or any examples of this comparison being done with motion video.”

After sorting through 5,000 black-and-white photos, the team settled on 50 or so final shots that were used in the project.





(via Uncage the Soul Productions via Resource Magazine)